Men’s Underwear

The loin cloth worn by ancient Greeks was the probably the first documented form of men’s fashion Wholesale Bikini . They have come a long way though and today men’s underwear is a multi-billion dollar business. The market is booming, with every day seeing the addition of newer brands, each offering something novel, by way of variety or pricing. In fact the boom in the men’s underwear market started as early as the beginning of the 20th century, when the mass-produced undergarment industry was growing. Intense competition had forced major producers to come out with several innovative designs to survive in the market. This competition resulted in thongs, briefs, boxer shorts, bikinis and so on.

Another reason for the spectacular growth of the men’s underwear market is the increasing technological advancement of the textile industry. You have more sophisticated machinery and better raw material or fabrics to produce them today. This has resulted in a fantastic variety, ranging from the most conservative to the ones that are meant for the outrageously adventurous types. Underwear has ceased to be just that. It is much more than something that is worn underneath your clothes. Men’s underwear is making fashion statements of their own.

Most of the leading brands of men’s underwear put their products through a series of quality checks. This has resulted in great underwear that is durable, offers great comfort and at the same time is appealing. In fact with varieties like men’s underwear made up of silk, you will feel as if you are wearing nothing! Gone are days when underwear was used only to wear inside. Now you have people wearing them everywhere in places like beaches and swimming pools. You can get great information on men’s underwear from online resources. Check them out for the latest in men’s underwear.


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